Auðn – Vökudraumsins fangi

If you are into atmospheric Black Metal you surely have heard from Auðn by now. With two great albums in their pockets, “Auðn” (2014) and “Farvegir Fyrndar” (2017), and some great live performances (I managed to witness two) they have become a force to be reckoned with, and now their latest offspring “Vökudraumsins fangi/Prisoner of the Daydream’” is streaming on my media player.

With this album the Icelanders again prove that they some really atmospheric yet aggressive tunes without forgetting to have an unique sound. Especially the vocals of Hjalti Sveinsson manage to create some additional tension. As you might have suspected the songs are in general relatively long and have a subtle tension build up. With adding slower, more melancholic, parts the music keeps being interesting and see to it that the outbursts have more power. Lengthy songs or not: it never get boring with these frostbitten desolate guys.

Deep emotional depths that’s what we are delving in here. While “Eldborg” is as tight as it is aggressive and short with its four minutes, the raw bombast of the majestic track ‘Drepsott’, or the great emotional outbursts on “Verður von að bráð” will sweep you of your hooves. Every song has its duality, making it intriguing without forgetting the whole picture. It fits perfectly, and with adding instruments such as Hammond, mellotron and piano on some tracks the atmosphere only increases.

With this album Auðn again prove to master their craft, which is making great lengthy songs with emotional grimness, perfectly. If you are a fan of this band or acts such as Winterfylleth, Drudkh and Sólstafir you can purchase this gem blindly. Great stuff for this time of the year so wait till it is dark, take your favourite alcoholic beverage and put some incense and candles on…..enjoy the ride. Over and over…again.

Score: 8,8 / 10
Label: Season of Mist

Review Made By: Erik

1. Einn um alla tíð (08:15)
2. Eldborg (04:08)
3. Birtan hugann brennir (05:33)
4. Verður von að bráð (05:50)
5. Drepsótt (03:16)
6. Næðir um (05:03)
7. Horfin mér (06:42)
8. Á himin stara (03:47)
9. Ljóstýra (05:54)
10. Vökudraumsins fangi (06:43)


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