Alestorm – Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum

You can’t spell parties without pirates and that is where Alestorm comes in. About to release their 7th studio album “Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum” Alestorm is still a force to be reckoned with in the pirate metal genre. 


Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum” is a perfect mix for the old and new Alestorm fans because the album is a journey throughout their musical history . The diversity between the songs on the album is a lot more clear than their previous release “Curse of the Crystal Coconut.” Of course, no pirate story is complete without the mention of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. In “The Battle of Cape Fear River” Alestorm tells story of how Blackbeard met his fate in this epic and intense sounding track. Accompanied by a hilarious music video that really gets into this final stand theme. 


Cannonball” is the profanity filled party song we where waiting for after “Fucked with an anchor”. Getting back to the heavier but catchier riffs and vocals this song is easily one of the favorites on the album. You can’t spell party without “P.A.R.T.Y” and it’s a party hit indeed. The song has been one of their first released singles of the album and is already an instant classic on the live shows. One of the best parts about this song is the fact that Matt Cockram plays an instrument that hasn’t been used in any metal song ever. The instrument in question is  A FRIED EGG. Yes you read that right. After Christopher Bowes and His Plate of Beans it’s just waiting for the next food item that Christopher Bowes will use on an album. Plus you can win a year’s supply of ham if you tell the band what P.A.R.T.Y stands for. 


The titular track of the album “Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum” starts of a bit slower and more melodic than the rest of the songs on the album. However that war cry in the beginning is a great way to start of a song. The melodies on this song flow together perfectly and I can see this becoming the soundtrack of my summer. 


At last we get to to the final part of the “Wooden Leg” Trilogy with “Wooden Leg (part III)”. A slow ballad like intro that soon turns into this masterpiece. This multilingual song mixes Spanish, English and Japanese vocals in this epic conclusion of the tale. Imagine putting your tankards of ale and lighters to the sky while listening to this song. 


“Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum”  brings back the feel it had on the older albums where you get taken away by story telling and songs that make you want to jump up and dance. It has become one of my favorite Alestorm albums and is, in my opinion, an instant classic. With strong production on the album by long time Alestorm producer Lasse Lammert and some amazing guests including: Captain Yarrface (Rumahoy), Patty Gurdy, Hellscore and Ally Storch from Subway To Sally


Rating : 9/10


Release date : 24 June 2022


Record Label : Napalm Records


Written by : Antonie


Track List : 


  1. Magellan’s Expedition
  2. The Battle of Cape Fear River
  3. Cannonball
  4. P.A.R.T.Y
  5. Under Blackened Banners
  6. Magyarország
  7. Seventh Rum of the Seventh Rum
  8. Bite the Hook Hand that Feeds
  9. Return to Tortuga
  10. Come to Brazil
  11. Wooden Leg (Part III)


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