Abbath – Outstrider

Since Abbath has left Immortal we are being treated upon not only one, but two great acts. Immortal still exists and released the excellent “Pagan Northern Gods”. Luckily our favourite Black Metal clown Abbath has pursued his musical endeavours solo, spawning its excellent self-titled debut a few years back. Doesn’t mean that this Bathory devotee stopped writing and composing. On contrary, Abbath is back with “Outstrider”, another excellent venture of this unstoppable frosted force.

With “Outstrider” Abbath does not only composes on his own, Hell no!, he managed to create a steady line up with Mrs. Mia Wallace on bass, Ukri Suviletho on drums and an excellent co-writer with the name of Ole Andre Farstad.

Have I mentioned Bathory in this review? No? Such a shame because with opener track “Calm in Ire (of Hurricane)”, listen to the great intro!, and last track “Pace till Death” you will definitely hear the major influence Quorthon had on Abbath. In fact the latter one is a cover of this genre defining band.

Combine these influences with great (heavy metal) solos and the flamboyant guitar playing style of Mr. Farstad and you know what “Outstrider” is all about: catchy yet heavy pounding Black Metal where of course Mr. Doom Occulta manages to shine with its unique shrieking voice. Songs as “Harvest Pyre”, “Land of Khem” and the superb title track are a feast on your ears and recognisable as Abbath through thick and thin.

I can spend a lot of time explaining what ”Outstrider” is all about. I simply won’t. If you like Abbath and Immortal, à la “Sons of Northern Darkness” this album just will not disappoint. Great album, great production value and even more important to conclude that the follow up of Abbath’s debut is just a killer album. So dear reader: get a copy while you can and look forward seeing the crab dance live on stage. This band is roaming some festivals and venues the coming half year. And I can’t wait hearing these excellent songs live!

Score: 8,5 / 10
Label: Seasons of Mist

Review made by: Erik

01. Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane)
02. Bridge Of Spasms
03. The Artifex
04. Harvest Pyre
05. Land Of Khem
06. Outstrider
07. Scythewinder
08. Hecate
09. Pace Till Death (BATHORY cover)


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