Netherbird – Arete

With their latest release, Arete, Sweden’s Netherbird dives deep into human psychology and thought process, provoking a reflection into what motivates us as humans and at what lengths and sacrifices that we will endure in order to accomplish these feats. This incarnation of reality is set through an ominous back drop of atmosphere created through […]

Iskandr – Vergezicht

Dutch black metal formation Iskandr, comprised multi-instrumentalist O (Turia, Lubbert Das, Solar Temple) and on drums M (Fluisteraars, Solar Temple), return to the foray with their third full-length ‘Vergezicht’. Supposedly, the album narrates six stories about resistance, deceit and regeneration, a theme that fits well with the epic approach to each of these songs. The […]

Ministry – Moral Hygiene

After the unfortunate death of Mike Scaccia (also known from Rigor Mortis and Revolting Cocks) in 2012 and the very disappointing “Amerikkkant (2018)” I figured that it was over and done with quality recordings of the Industrial Metal outfit Ministry. Being quite a fan-boy of Al Jourgenson‘s main project I figured that with such an […]

Aborted – Maniacult

Aborted. This is a band that in my mind, needs no grand introduction, however that would be doing them a grave injustice. The extremely hard working death metalers based out of Belgium, have a vast body of work that extends back to the mid 1990’s. This is a band that has continuously progressed over the […]

Carnifex – Graveside Confessions

Any metalhead who’s into deathcore knows Carnifex, at least by name. One of the seminal bands of the genre, they revel in heavy breakdowns and dark lyrical content, frequently thematically centered around depression and suicide. This Friday they continue in character with a (mostly) heavy-as-fuck new album, “Graveside Confessions”, and it’s chock-full of nostalgia – […]