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  • Preview: Party San Open Air 2017

    There are but a few topics in the Metal scene which are accepted as consensus by everyone. One of those agreed-upon topics, is Party San (or Party San Metal Open Air, or PSOA for short). A festival that began as a small, underground event in the heart of Thüringen, Germany and as of 2017, grew […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Warbringer – Woe To The Vanquished

    To my confession, I don’t listen much Thrash metal at home. Live shows on the other hand are another story. It’s one of the best genres to watch when played live and I’ve seen Warbringer quite some times on the stage. Therefor I was thrilled to listen to their new album because I was sure […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Nervosa – Agony

    Nervosa from Brasil is a thrash metal band that just released their second album. I’m not familiair with this band but listening to a new thrash metal band is always good. And the band pics shows it’s a three piece female band, something that occurs rarely, so they have my interest. Read all!

  • CD review 2013
  • Mortillery – Origin of Extinction

    Origin of Extinction is the second album by Canadian thrashers Mortillery. They made a promising debut with fast chainsaw guitars and harsh female vocals. Now I’ll be reviewing Origin of Extinction with high hopes. Thrash metalheads should fasten their seatbelts because “Murder Death Kill” was merely the beginning and just the calmness before the storm.. […]

  • CD review other
  • Destitution – The Human Error

    It’s bold to state to metal fans that you are capable of ‘making your beer taste even better’! The band members from  Destitution bravely proclaim it anyway. These guys from Groningen decided to form a band in 2007 when they discovered  several mutual interests: pizza, beer and more importantly, thrash metal.. Read all!