The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism

Lovecraftian Black Metal. An indulgence of atmosphere….. dark, chilling, gloomy yet resonating with aggressiveness. One of its predecessors Tekeli-Li was already a brilliant album taking Lovecraft’s mysticism to new heights. “Cosmicism” is a branch from the same root. Dark, haunting, dwelling and intriguing. Tonally it breathes the same atmosphere as the previous album(s) yet these […]

Abbath – Outstrider

Since Abbath has left Immortal we are being treated upon not only one, but two great acts. Immortal still exists and released the excellent “Pagan Northern Gods”. Luckily our favourite Black Metal clown Abbath has pursued his musical endeavours solo, spawning its excellent self-titled debut a few years back. Doesn’t mean that this Bathory devotee […]