• CD review 2016
  • Borknagar – Winter Thrice

    When a previous record of a band is close to perfection in your opinion, the follow-up has some high expectations to live up to. This was the case with the previous record of the progressive Norwegian metal band Borknagar and their upcoming release: Winter Thrice. The enthralling effort Urd ended up high on the year […]

  • CD review 2015
  • Tsjuder – Antiliv

    The Norwegian black metal formation Tsjuder have a new album out, called Antiliv. Treat yourself to a trademark effort from this band: a hellish assault with a rhythmic edge that will get your head bobbing in instant. Antiliv is exactly the kind of album you need while the days are getting shorter.. Read all!

  • Festival Reports 2015
  • Report: Midgardsblot 2015

    Imagine sitting in this beautiful hall, decorated with carvings lighted by candlelight, smelling furs, wood and fire, and being captivated by a performing skald. This was just one of the highlights that the Norwegian festival Midgardsblot offered their visitors. The festival featured (some of) the best bands of extreme metal – Ihshan, Solefald, Kampfar, 1349, […]

  • CD review 2015
  • Katechon – Coronation

    Trondheim-based black/death metallers Katechon recently released their sophomore full-length Coronation. On this record, the Norwegians demonstrate excellent skill in combining destructive, yet sometimes catchy death metal oriented drums with ferocious, atonal raw black metal elements.. Read all!