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  • Tengger Cavalry Interview

    Interview Tengger Cavalry

    It’s not an everyday thing to find a Mongolian metal band performing at a mainly viking themed festival. So at Midgardsblot 2017 (Horten, Norway) Metal-Exposure talked to Nature Ganganbaigal from Tengger Cavalry about culture, the band as a community and more. Read the interview here!

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  • Midgardsblot 2016

    If you’ve read the 2015 report, you’ll know what Midgardsblot is about; if you haven’t, here’s a short recap: A pagan/black/folk metal festival in Norway, located at ancient Viking (grave) mounds and partially inside of a reconstructed long hall, which not only offers musical shows, but also tours, lectures, a tattoo con, storytelling and games. […]

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  • The magic of Midgardsblot: interview with organiser Runa Luna

    As an e-zine crew we have become professional festival attendees. Everyone has their favourite: from Party San to Wacken Open Air, but what we encountered in Horten, Norway last year during the Midgardsblot festival, was quite a different and extraordinary experience altogether. Organiser Runa Luna calls it ‘the magic of Midgardsblot’, but what is this […]

  • Festival Reports 2015
  • Report: Midgardsblot 2015

    Imagine sitting in this beautiful hall, decorated with carvings lighted by candlelight, smelling furs, wood and fire, and being captivated by a performing skald. This was just one of the highlights that the Norwegian festival Midgardsblot offered their visitors. The festival featured (some of) the best bands of extreme metal – Ihshan, Solefald, Kampfar, 1349, […]