• CD review 2017
  • Heidevolk – Vuur van Verzet

    If you have any familiarity with the folk metal genre, you will know Heidevolk. The Dutch band has been active in the scene for roughly 16 years and conquered its rightful place on countless tour posters and festival line-ups. Although the band’s own lineup has changed over the years, two pillars – drummer Joost and […]

  • Concerts 2015
  • Heidevolk Straalschijfontketenfeest

    It was time again for the famous Straalschijfontketenfeest that is held every time Heidevolk releases a new album. This time for their brand new full-length Velua, which was released a month prior to the show. But before Heidevolk would hit the stage, a full Luxor Live would get warmed up by two supports. Rhovanion from […]

  • Concerts 2015
  • Paganfest 2015

    The line-up of Paganfest 2015 featured a somewhat of a must-see line-up for folk metal fans, with prominent acts of the genre such as Heidevolk, Turisas and Wintersun, special guest Korpiklaani, Finsterforst, Obscurity and Frosttide (at the extended shows). Due to our schedule, we missed the first to bands and we arrived just in time […]

  • CD review 2015
  • Heidevolk – Velua

    First of all I have to say that or language isn’t the only thing that has quite evolved lately, the band definitely has evolved as well! Velua isn’t a new Uit Oude Grond or Batavi, but it is so much more. The band truly shows what they’re capable of on this album and it seems […]

  • News
  • Heidenfest 2013

    Heidenfest has probably grown to be the largest, reoccurring folk metal phenomenon (aside from Paganfest) in Europe. And even while it is an annual event, its popularity among metalheads is far from decreasing. The venue 013 in Tilburg (NL) was crammed with fans watching the following bands: Frosttide, Winterstorm, Suidakra, Heidevolk, Equilibrium, Turisas and Ensiferum.. […]

  • Interviews
  • Heidevolk

    18-03-2012 – With the release of their fourth album Batavi and touring with Paganfest, Heidevolk is steadily climbing the ladder to international success. At Paganfest we sat down with singer Joris den Boghtdrincker and bass player Rowan Roodbaert, and talked about the concept of the new album, the ideology behind Paganfest and singing in Dutch. […]