• CD review 2016
  • Waldgeflüster – Ruinen

    With three full-length albums already under their belt, Waldgeflüster could certainly be considered one of the more established bands in this imaginary genre, and this brand of tree-worshipping, raw-throated music is, generally speaking, my jam. Yet oddly, when I was asked to review the band’s fourth release, Ruinen, I discovered that of all the myriad […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Firtan – Innenwelt

    I’ve always been a fan of genre cross-overs especially when the result of combining different styles creates something that is much more than just the sum of its parts. And Firtan are getting very close to this with their EP “Innenwelt” (German for “Inside Worlds”). So I won’t put any genre labels to their music. […]

  • Preview
  • Preview: Prophecy Fest 2016

    It doesn’t get more underground than…well…a cavern, really. How befitting that the exciting and rather new (this is the second edition) Prophecy Fest should take place in the “Balver Höhle”. A cave where, (according to legend) the mystical and malicious blacksmith Wieland had his forge. With a very wide yet critically selected range in music […]