Wolves Den – Miserere

Pagan black metal brigade Wolves Den might be a new name for a few, but in their home country Germany the Bavarian wolf pack has performed at countless pagan /folk /black metal festivals. Also, the band counts two ex-members of established folk metal formation Equilibrium among their ranks. Having recently released the second full-length ‘Miserere’ […]

Equilibrium: “There is a lot of new, positive energy in the band”

German folk metal band Equilibrium recently started out on its first headliner tour through Europe, in support of its latest album Erdentempel. Metal-Exposure met up with vocalist Robse, drummer Hati and guitarist and founder René in Essen, for an amusing conversation about the new line-up, touring and a sneak peek into the band’s Whatsapp group.. […]

Heidenfest 2013

Heidenfest has probably grown to be the largest, reoccurring folk metal phenomenon (aside from Paganfest) in Europe. And even while it is an annual event, its popularity among metalheads is far from decreasing. The venue 013 in Tilburg (NL) was crammed with fans watching the following bands: Frosttide, Winterstorm, Suidakra, Heidevolk, Equilibrium, Turisas and Ensiferum.. […]