• CD review 2017
  • Arch Enemy – Will To Power Review

    Arch Enemy - Will To Power

    Arch Enemy‘s star is at its zenith: the Swedish/Canadian melodeath band has never been more popular, never (co)headlined as many festivals as of late with overwhelming (and over the top) performances. With musicians as guitarist-founder Amott, guitar wizard Loomis (ex-Nevermore) and charismatic vocalist White-Gluz (plus previous growler Gossow behind the wheel as manager), the group […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Body Count – Bloodlust

    The record Manslaughter (2014) marked the return of rapper Ice-T and his comrade guitarist Ernie C. of the gangster-metal collective Body Count in the metal scene. While Manslaughter was described as a decent comeback, the follow up Bloodlust can be seen as the result of adding fuel (racism, police brutality, social inequality) to the flame […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

    The reincarnation of Entombed is back with their second album. After the departure of Alex Hellid in 2013 in Entombed, the four remaining members had to change the name of the band for legal reasons. Entombed A.D. was born and continued where they left in creating powerful death ‘n’ roll. The first album was released […]