• CD review 2017
  • Myrkur – Mareridt

    Danish/American vocalist Amalie Bruun stormed the metal scene with the self titled EP Myrkur in 2014. Coming from a indie music background and daring to use her classically trained voice in black metal, Bruun was rewarded with a shitstorm on the internet and was ferociously haunted by trolls (not the cool Scandinavian type of trolls). […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Saille – Gnosis

    By Wouter B. Presumably to taunt Zeus, Prometheus brought fire (back) to humankind. Likewise, presumably to taunt god, the Snake tempted Eve to consume the apple from the divine tree of knowledge of good and Evil. On the 13th day, Saille shall release another wicked creation, Gnosis. And I saw that it was good. Presumably […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Numenorean – Home

    There are these marvellous moments in a reviewers existence, where you dig up a gem in between the noise and a record of a previously unknown band becomes a serious contender for the year lists (and it’s July already, so why not start with a draft of that ;)). This was the case with the […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Be’lakor – Vessels

    Summer 2012, an afternoon in August. Upon wandering around between better known bands, I heard the last three songs of by then to me unknown Be’lakor. Amidst the Summerbreezian fields tortured by a blazing sun, I was captured and gripped by their mix of progressive yet groovy death metal. Tempo shifts, guitar solos, melodies: everything […]

  • Feature
  • Feature: The Autist

    Fans of symphonic/female fronted metal, pay attention! From Portugal hails the band The Autist, who’ve recently released the first single ‘Pandora’s Curse‘ from their upcoming album The Coldest Sun (out in 2017)! The track does not only boast a high quality that you rarely see in first releases of young bands, but it also features […]

  • CD review 2016
  • Destroyer 666 – Wildfire

    Destroyer 666 are usually an easy case in the world Metal scene, since their Thrash-Black Metal have always appealed to most people and the Aussies-by-origin have nothing real to prove to anyone nowdays, having reached to the point in a bands’ life where all of their previous releases have formed a very strong fan base […]