• CD review 2017
  • Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

    Necrowretch began their life at 2008. A few French youngsters who decides to take up arms and renew old pride in dirty, filthy, devilish Death Metal of the 90s and by 2011, the band already had one of the best EPs of that year out, Putrefactive Infestation. That year, before I bought the above-mentioned EP, […]

  • Preview
  • Preview: Ragnard Rock Fest

    The festival season just started, which means we will visit Simandre-sir-Suram (France) for the Ragnard Rock Festival again this year. Last years’ experience was real a pleasant surprise, inspiring us to spontaneously write a review about it! So without thinking twice, we will join Ragnard Rock Festival this summer again! With over 40 bands, Ragnard […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea

    It’s time to strap on your wooden leg and eyepatch, get out a bottle ‘o rum and practice your best screechy pirate voice, because the pirate metallers Alestorm have docked with their fifth full-length No Grave But The Sea. Prepare for mindnumbing sing-alongs, fantastical pirate tales, songs about taverns and predominantly drinking, all served to […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Hate – Tremendum

    A few weeks ago, I was happy to find yet another album of Hate in my inbox. It has barely been two years since I reviewed their previous album Crusade:Zero and I can’t get enough of this band, so Tremendum was welcomed in this household with open arms. Hate has walked on the blackened death […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Sólstafir – Berdreyminn

    The first things I heard regarding about Sólstafir‘s sixth full length Berdreyminn weren’t too convincing. The Iceland post rock formation is often accused with being too ‘hipster’, ‘too soft’, and ‘poppy’ and when the first tracks of Berdreyminn surfaced, these were the exact terms flying around. Being one of those Sólstafir enthusiasts, I couldn’t wait […]

  • CD review 2017
  • Les Discrets – Predateurs

    Released on April 21st, Les Discrets (Lyon, France) released their third full-length album, Predateurs. Although very much on the edge (or actually over) of what I consider metal, the experience I had when watching them on Prophecy Fest 2016 was enough for me to pique my interest in their music. Predateurs is an aesthetically pleasing, […]

  • Concerts 2017
  • Report: Dream Theater

    For the second time within a short period, Dream Theater has arrived in The Netherlands. Initially, this second show of the 25th Images, Words and Beyond tour, would happen in Amsterdam. Because of logistical reasons, the show had to be moved to the venue 013 in Tilburg, the same venue they attended a couple of […]

  • Concerts 2017
  • Live report: Sonata Arctica – Tivoli Utrecht

    For the second time since the release of their ninth studio album, The Night Hour, Sonata Arctica has arrived in The Netherlands. This time, the stage of choice is Tivoli in Utrecht, a place we know all too well. Supporting acts for the evening were Canadian Heavy Metal band Striker and Thunderstone from Finland. Read […]