The Committee – Utopian Deception

Black metal collective The Committee stormed the metal scene with their previous records, ‘Power Through Unity’ (2014) and ‘Memorandum Occultus’ (2017). While gaining recognition with these albums, the band played both underground and well known extreme / black metal festivals. Even though it’s only been three years since their last release, the third full-length ‘Utopian […]

Danheim – Skapanir

Seven full lengths in barely four years’ time, that’s what Mike Olsen has accomplished with Danheim. I stumbled upon his music about two years ago and ever since I at least turn some of it on, once a week. Result: for some people in my life there was no way to get around his music […]

Testament- Titans of Creation

One of the greatest things about music, is it ability to take us back to a different time and place, sometimes triggering some rather nostalgic emotions. I was first introduced to Testament when I was around the age of 11 or twelve years old. After listening to bands like Black Sabbath, I found Testament to […]