Red Eyes – Obey The Beast

Label: None (self released)
Release: 27-03-12

By Laetitia
Old school heavy metal might not be my favorite metal genre, but checking out Red Eyes’ debut album Obey The Beast was certainly worth the while. The five guys from Amsterdam play heavy metal with an unique sound. The band has been around since 2008 and just released this promising debut.

“Old school heavy metal with their own new age touch”. That is how Red Eyes describes their own music. It’s a description that actually does justice to the songs. Of course you can hear some typical heavy metal influences on this record. However, these guys aren’t afraid to experiment with guitar riffs, – melodies and drums. (For example: the instrumental piece of the song Obey The Beast or the song Worn Down) That is the main thing what makes this band stand out and interesting to listen to. The vocals of singer Lucas Pruim are also an asset. His voice sounds very raw, which gives the music even more power. On the song Crash, the first song the record, he shows us that his clean voice is just as strong.

Obey The Beast is a very strong debut album. The quality of the production is fine. The music is dynamic and powerful, you probably won’t get bored of the album soon. The rough vocals of Lucas Pruim fit perfectly in the music. I can recommend this album but don’t get scared off by the dull album cover: it is in no way a reflection of what you are about to hear.

Rating: 8/10
1. Crash
2. Obey the Beast
3. Bloodshed
4. Worn Down
5. Smoking Guns
6. My Frenzy
7. Wicked Devils
8. Nightmare
9. Wash
10. White Horizon

Red Eyes is:
Lucas Pruim – Vocals
Yordi López – Guitar
Damian López – Drums
Mathieu Martel – Guitar
Sebastián Villanueva – Bass

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