Monumental Torment – Element Of Chaos

Band: Monumental Torment
Album: Element Of Chaos
Label: SFC Records
Release date: Early 2011
By: Wouter

Monumental Torment is a technical death metal band formed by two members from Russia and one from the USA. The band was formed in late 2009 and they released an EP called Oppression Submission before this full-length. I read they use a piano and a drum machine. A piano is uncommon in technical deah metal bands and combined with a drum machine, which usually means insanely fast fills, is weird. I’m curious what this sounds like.

Element of Chaos doesn’t start off with an intro at all. Full speed and full volume right away. First with a little verse and then the vocalist stops. Then the insanely fast blast beats start and the guitar does some impressive technical sweeps. I like it more when the instrumental highlights are not interrupted with vocals. Otherwise it would sound more like chaos to me. Mental Slavery starts with a fast and impressive piano intro, but it doesn’t sound that well. Not very well produced, it has some little echos in it while the guitar sound very tight. This makes for a weird contrast. That’s not the only time the piano is used by the way, the piano plays along with the guitar several times doing sweeps. Too loud compared to the guitar though. The drum machine does, just as I assumed, some incredible fast blast beats. Which are really cool, as long as there are enough tempo changes in the rest of the songs. This is hard to say, they do switch often, mostly between fast and really fast. Though, there are breakdowns here and there, but not that often. The drum machine could have been more spectacular as well. It’s fast, but there are no interesting fills. Drum machines are usually limited by this because it takes a drummer to compose interesting fills and essential accents.

So, first of all, these guys are great musicians. Guitar and bass are very impressive. The piano could have been a plus if it was used more as a little background instrument the five times it has been used. During the title track for example; the piano plays along some several notes with the guitar and then the piano takes over to play the outro. That was actually a very nice add. The drum machine adds more brutality to the band, but for a technical death metal band, it would have been better to have an actual drummer. It’s a decent album with impressive riffs, some things that might have been done better, but still okay to listen to.

Rating: 7.0
01 – Nameless One
02 – Slaughter House
03 – Lethargic Sleep
04 – Mental Slavery
05 – Oppression Submission
06 – Seek To Destroy
07 – Paradox
08 – Millennium Of Death
09 – Element Of Chaos
10 – Last Voice Of Future

Line Up:
Artem Gultaev – Guitars, Drum Programming
Lloyd Moore Jr – Vocals
Ioann Komkov – Bass, Samples, piano

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