Fumes of Decay – Devouring The Excavated

Label: Sevared Records
Releasedate: 11 March

By: Wouter

The first time I heard of Fumes Of Decay was at Houten Deathfest. They were the opening band, but they got me interested. The band is from Groningen, The Netherlands, and produce brutal death metal. Devouring The Excavated is the first full-length they’ve released so far and I was actually waiting for this after I listened to the demo. The demo was pretty good, even though the production quality wasn’t.
Devouring The Excavated contains 9 songs and the 4 songs from the demo are on there as well. The first thing to notice is the big improvement of the production. Where the demo sounded flat and hollow, the full-length sounds strong and loud. The full-length is better in every way. Burial Desecration is the opening song of the album. The first part sounds like Cephalotripsy but Fumes Of Decay has much more complicated riffs to offer. And they don’t slow down, while Cephalotripsy is loaded with slow breakdowns. The more complicated riffs remind me of the American Disgorge, just like the vocals. I think Disgorge is the best comparison when you look at the big picture. My favourite songs are probably the opening song and the title track, but there is no weak song on the entire album.
I think Devouring The Excavated is a very good album. I recommend it for fans of bands like the American Disgorge. Good brutal death metal from The Netherlands.

Rating: 8/10

1. Burial Desecration
2. Sadistic Butchery
3. Menstrual Blood Fountain
4. Shovel Disembowelment
5. Devouring The Excavated
6. Festering Abscess Fornication
7. After Death Humiliation
8. Vorarephilia
9. Cockfilled Cadaver

Jeroen Feiken – Vocals
Renke Oostindjer – Guitar (Sanguinary (Nld), Morblast)
Niels Bootsma – Guitar
Martin Vogel – Bass (Rasawr)
Henk Scherphof – Drums (Sanguinary (Nld), Rasawr)

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