Celtachor – In the Hall of Our Ancient Fathers

Release: 2010
Label: unsigned
By Laetitia

‘In the Hall of Our Ancient Fathers’ is Celtachor’s second demo release. The band hails from Ireland. The music, mainly black metal influenced (raw) and ‘folk’. Though the folk part only comes out when the band brings out the tin whistle (and bodhran) for some extra Irish flavour. That detail reminds a bit of Cruachan and Waylander. Lyrical influences come from Irish folklore. The band is unsigned so it is to be expected that the production isn’t all greatness, but bearable.

The demo starts of with Nemed’s Wake, an intro with pretty much only synths and a bit of a standard sound. Rise of Lugh starts off with a raw black metal atmosphere, the vocals sound a bit like early Bathory. Within minutes the tin whistle comes in which is good for the diversity of the music but it isn’t really a part of the song. In A warning to Balor, an up tempo song, Celthachor leaves out the tin whistle all together, which is a good thing, as it shows that they are capable of more complex melodies without adding the tin whistle. The Son’s of Tuireann and the blood fine is the pearl of this demo. It starts off calm with whistle melodies and then the guitar joins in. The music, instruments and vocals are unlike other songs on this demo and everything fits together perfectly and shows what the band is capable of.

All in all, In the Hall of Our Ancient Fathers is a decent demo. The band needs to continue working and perfect their music. The ground work is laid though and I hope to hear more from this band later on.

Rating: 7/10
1. Nemed’s Wake
2. Rise of Lugh
3. In the Halls of Nuada
4. A warning to Balor
5. Riders of the Fomor
6. The Sons of Tuireann and the blood fine
7. The Wavesweeper

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