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  • The Theater Equation

    When it comes to music, I’m a sucker for a good story in a record. Combined with the rest of the music, it puts me in this special mood setting in which I can feel the story. One of my favourite records in this is Ayreons “The Human Equation”. When I heard that a theatre […]

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  • Revenge song premiere – ‘Silent Enemy’

    Nothing tastes better than sweet revenge and the Canadian death/black metal outfit Revenge prove that with their upcoming effort Behold.Total.Rejection. When you think of misantrophic black metal, a band hailing from Canada doesn’t spring to mind right away. Yet this group is perhaps able to outdo most of the extreme metal acts out there. How […]

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  • Interview with Insurrection

    Insurrection is a melodic death metal from the Netherlands. They have recently released their debut EP through Big Bad Wolf Records and it’ss called ‘Catatonic’. I have reviewed it and I’m very positive about it. It’s a very dynamic and well-structured album. And now I’m talking to the guitarist Marten about the band and their […]

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  • Countermove: The Power of Love

    The holiday season: celebrations, family and friends and those same old Christmas tunes on the radio. Mariah Carey, Band Aid, Wham.. need we say more? The Dutch project Countermove offers you an alternative. Many artists of the Dutch metal scene: musicians of Epica, Nightwish/ReVamp, Delain, Within Temptation, Stream of Passion, Xandria, Textures and many more, […]