Body Count – Bloodlust

The record Manslaughter (2014) marked the return of rapper Ice-T and his comrade guitarist Ernie C. of the gangster-metal collective Body Count in the metal scene. While Manslaughter was described as a decent comeback, the follow up Bloodlust can be seen as the result of adding fuel (racism, police brutality, social inequality) to the flame […]

Obituary – Obituary

Obituary is one of the best-selling death metal bands of all time and therefore hardly needs an introduction. Their debut album Slowly We Rot (1989) and Cause of Death (1990) are among the most praised death metal albums due to their unique heavy sound and manic guitar solos. Also their live performance kick ass thus […]

DODECAHEDRON – kwintessens

Dutch experimental black metal formation Dodecahedron (inspired by Mayhem’s Ordo Ad Chao and French metallers Deathspell Omega) are about to release their antagonizing sophomore record upon a metal scene that is unaware of Armageddon that is heading their way. Where the self titled debut was a hint of the band’s technical prowess and explorations beyond […]

Fjoergyn – Lucifer Es

I followed Fjoergyn from their first release ‘Ernte Im Herbst’ until their third full length ‘Jahreszeiten’. All three of those albums proudly stand in my album collection at home, and I listened an insane amount of time to all of them. I fell in love with their rough (avant-garde) black metal combined with a dreamy […]

Benighted – Necrobreed

By Laetitia The French deathgrind band Benighted is one of the household names in their scene, yet has always stayed under the radar with the metal masses. The Frenchies previous album, Carnivore Sublime, was either deemed to polished and technical by some or lauded by others for exactly those reasons. With their 8th studio effort, […]

Saille – Gnosis

By Wouter B. Presumably to taunt Zeus, Prometheus brought fire (back) to humankind. Likewise, presumably to taunt god, the Snake tempted Eve to consume the apple from the divine tree of knowledge of good and Evil. On the 13th day, Saille shall release another wicked creation, Gnosis. And I saw that it was good. Presumably […]