• CD review 2017
  • Body Count – Bloodlust

    The record Manslaughter (2014) marked the return of rapper Ice-T and his comrade guitarist Ernie C. of the gangster-metal collective Body Count in the metal scene. While Manslaughter was described as a decent comeback, the follow up Bloodlust can be seen as the result of adding fuel (racism, police brutality, social inequality) to the flame […]

  • CD review 2014
  • Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War

    Fozzy’s the previous effort, Sin and Bones, turned out to be a turning point for the heavy metal formation. The record was received positively by the press and they gained a lot of new fans. Now, the American rockers, led by former professional wrestler Chris Jericho, are back with the album’s successor: Do You Wanna […]

  • Concerts 2014
  • Report: Ghost

    30/06/14 – After the Swedish ghouls of the heavy metalband Ghost performed fine rites at the Dutch festivals Fortarock and Pinkpop, it was time for a clubshow in de Melkweg: more playing time, a more intense atmosphere, more Ghost. On this ordinary Monday evening, the venue was packed with fans who got were treated with […]

  • CD review 2013
  • Fejd – Nagelfar

    The Swedish brethren Rimmerfors and their merry men of Fejd have named their third longplayer Nagelfar. In Nordic mythology, this mythical long ship (Naglfar or Naglfari) is built with fingernails and toenails of the dead. During Ragnarok, this eerie vessel shall set sail. Thankfully the record is not that gloomy.. Read all!