Testament- Titans of Creation

One of the greatest things about music, is it ability to take us back to a different time and place, sometimes triggering some rather nostalgic emotions. I was first introduced to Testament when I was around the age of 11 or twelve years old. After listening to bands like Black Sabbath, I found Testament to […]

Beneath The Massacre- Fearmonger

Well know Canadian technical death metal masters, Beneath The Massacre, have released another extreme example of their brand of technical death metal. Released at the end of February on Century Media Records, “Fearmonger” is an explosion of musical intricacy and unrelenting aggression. After an almost eight year dormancy, Quebec based Beneath The Massacre have written […]

Dodenbezweerder – Vrees de Toorn van de Wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels

With illustrious acts as Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterium and tons of other illustrious acts you might think that Maurice has enough projects were his sinister and dark creativity can be satisfied with. Nothing is farther from the truth because the creativity of this gifted musician never stands still. With yet another outlet […]