The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism

Lovecraftian Black Metal. An indulgence of atmosphere….. dark, chilling, gloomy yet resonating with aggressiveness. One of its predecessors Tekeli-Li was already a brilliant album taking Lovecraft’s mysticism to new heights. “Cosmicism” is a branch from the same root. Dark, haunting, dwelling and intriguing. Tonally it breathes the same atmosphere as the previous album(s) yet these […]

Dictated- Phobos

Dictated, Hailing from The Netherlands, is quite possibly on its way to becoming a household name in the genre of Extreme Metal. With their unique and grudging brand of death metal, Dictated seeks to punish the listener through means of force, and fear. Phobos, Dictated’s newest release, has some of the best tried and true […]

Implore – Alienated Despair

Fueled by political corruption and the ugliest side of society this next release comes from Hamburg Hailing European thrashers Implore. They bring you their third studio full length on Century Media Records titled “Alienated Despair”. If you’ve listened to Implore before you know exactly what you’re getting, GRINDY. CRUSTY. OLD. SCHOOL. PUNK. Slamming old school […]