Wesenwille – II: A Material God

Wow! I have said before that the Netherlands proves to be sour ground spawning quality acts…over and over again. But listening to the second offspring of Wesenwille called “II: A Material God” it even surpasses my expectations. What these two blacksters hailing from Utrecht have done here is mind-blowing! The sheer quality of compositions are […]


Aborym (IT)…..once sat high on the throne with making excellent Industrial Black Metal. But that was years ago. Since “Dirty” this band shifted gears into a more industrial rock position. With “Shifting Negative (2017)” the Black Metal injection was gone exploring a more NIN-based path, and there’s nothing wrong when a band’s musical approach changes. […]

Kjeld – Ôfstân

Kjelds’ second full length ‘Ôfstân’ will hit the (mostly virtual) stores February 15th 2021. A highly anticipated (on my part any way) piece of Frysian raw black metal – especially after their raw, bulldozering piece of Skym. In their teaser song ‘Betsjoend’, a more theatrical and atmospheric sound can definitely be heard. The opener of […]

Dødsferd – Skotos

You would think that Dødsferd is a Scandinavian act. Wrong! Despites its name this band is coming from Greece (strange enough). Already active since ’01 but nevertheless, I have never heard of them. Dødsferd makes old skool fuelled Misanthropic Black Metal. An aggressive, harsh yet melodic sound which reminds me a little of Craft, Judas […]

Frozen Soul – Crypt of Ice

The year is 2021 and it seems like yet again, Death Metal bands pop up with releases like mushrooms after the rain. Like drunkards after a festival. Like pandemics after a… Ah, joke’s gone. Anyway, sometimes a group of people can just play some good Death Metal, without trying to reinvent the wheel. A band […]

Soilwork- A Whisp of the Atlantic

Towards the end of the great Gothenburg melodic death metal boom of the mid 1990’s Soilwork is a band that early-on forged its way in the melodeath scene by being rather fast and aggressive comparatively. Early releases such as Steelbath Suicide exemplify Soilworks roots of rawness, aggression and speed compounded with popular melodeath rhythms, leads, […]

Sagenland – Oale Groond

As mentioned before the Netherlands proofs to have fertile ground and keeps spawning quality black metal acts and releases. “Oale Groond” is no exception. In this case the concoction is very easy created: take two talented musicians, in this case Batr (Meslamteae, Asgrauw) and Herjann (Cultus), add some conservative Black Metal and a pinch of […]