Satyricon, Vredehammer, Oslo Faenskap

04/04/2015 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL) By Laetitia – Pictures by Ingrid The Norwegian metal legend Satyricon embarked on an European tour in April, 2015. The kick off show took place in Nijmegen, the More »


Paganfest Tilburg 2015

Paganfest XL 013 Tilburg The Netherlands 22nd of March 2015   Normally I’m not a morning person, unless it’s for a good cause. This Sunday it was, since Paganfest would start early mid More »


Avatar: “The clown is just as real as the person who is sitting in front of you”

By Laetitia Swedish melodic death metal formation Avatar released its fifth studio album, Hail The Apocalypse earlier this year. Metal-Exposure caught up with vocalist Johannes Eckerström about darkness, art, the clown make-up, More »


A day in the studio with Heidevolk

18-11-14 Split Second Sound Studio, Amsterdam (NL) Report by Laetitia and Ingrid Dutch folk metal formation Heidevolk is currently recording their fifth full-length in the studio and the band gave Metal-Exposure the More »

Interview with Wintersun

March 22, 2015 – Bassist Jukka Koskinen and guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari – We had a chance to speak to two members of Wintersun in Tilburg The Netherlands during the Paganfest XL tour. Even though Teemu had to give a guitar lesson, we are glad that they found the time to speak to us.. Read all!

Song premiere: Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields

Finnish funeral doom metallers Shape of Despair are ready to plunge the world in a state of utter misery. The Helsinki-based six piece will release their fourth effort, Monotony Fields, on June 15th, via Season of Mist. We can give you a first listen to the title track of this sorrowful record, but be aware, this is not for the faint-hearted.

“For us, ‘Monotony Fields’ is the song which reflects the album and it’s atmosphere the most”, tells guitarist Jarno Salomaa, “a slow trip into the mind of desperation.”

Shape of Despair on FacebookSeason of MistPreorder the album!

Preview: Dokk’em Open Air

When talking about Dutch metal fests, most people instantly mention the legendary (and no longer active) Dynamo Open Air, Waldrock (also gone), Fortarock or none at all. However, there are more smaller festivals that are worth discovering here. One of them is Dokk’em Open Air, held in Dokkem, Friesland. Metal fans who have been here before do not have to be convinced: the festival always presents a solid line-up and the atmosphere is amiable!

This year the festival celebrates its tenth anniversary and we’ll be present. The line-up features bands such God Dethroned, My Dying Bride, Kataklsym, Shining, Melechesh, Moonsorrow and many more! We hope to meet you there! For information and tickets, check out the website of Dokk’em Open Air or the Facebook page!

Report: Satyricon, Vredehammer, Oslo Faenskap

The Norwegian metal legend Satyricon embarked on an European tour in April, 2015. The kick off show took place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Upon entering the venue, the crowd was locked out of the hall where the bands would play this evening.. Read all!

Der Weg Einer Freiheit & Downfall Of Gaia

On the evening of the 26th of March, I was privileged to witness a wall, no better yet, avalanche of sound by one of the most promising black metal constellations from Germany: Der Weg Einer Freiheit. Translated as ‘Road to Freedom’ but also as “Ones’ own path to Freedom”, the bands title covers much of that which attracts many to black metal. Having seen them only but once, on Summerbreeze 2013, it was indeed time to see them again on their ‘Stellar’ tour, their latest album. Read about the show here