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Hengelo (OV) – The Netherlands 22 October 2016 In the eastern part of our small country, in the town named Hengelo, a singer was scheduled to perform who is most known from More »

Ragnard Rock Festival 2016

Every now and then, friends of metal-exposure bump into something that gives them a feeling they just háve to write about it, and so every now and then you’ll find an article More »

Prophecy Fest 2016

Report by Tabitha and Wouter – Pictures by Wouter Balver Höhle, Germany After a successful one-day festival in the Balver Cave in Germany, label Prophecy decided to extend the festival to last More »

Interview: Michalina Malisz – Eluveitie

Swiss folk metal institution Eluveitie experienced serious upheaval in its ranks this past May, when long-time members Anna Murphy (hurdy gurdy, vocals), Ivo Henzi (guitars), and Merlin Sutter (drums) announced their departure from the band. However, Eluveitie has found a more-than-worthy replacement on the hurdy gurdy in Michalina Malisz, a gifted young player from Poland. Metal Exposure’s resident hurdy-gurdy enthusiast Sam caught up with Michalina in the backstage dining room at Metropolishalle Potsdam on the last date of the band’s Eisheilige Nacht tour with Subway to Sally, where they discussed Michalina’s transition from fan to band member, Eluveitie’s upcoming acoustic album Evocation II, and what the future holds for both her and the band.. Read it here!

De Mortem et Diabolum 2016

While others may already have been gearing themselves up for Christmas, we celebrated one last weekend of demonic darkness at De Mortem et Diabolum, a two-day indoor black metal manifestation at the Postbahnhof Club in Berlin. This festival concluded what has been a year of some intense head-banging-while-reporting for yours truly, unfortunately with a slight sour aftertaste upon hearing of the attack on Monday evening afterwards. Our thoughts are with those that have suffered one way or another from this tragic attack.. Read all!

Festival report: Into Darkness 2016

During the weekend of 2 and 3 December, the Into Darkness Festival opened its gates for black metal enthusiasts. Located in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, the event took place for the third time. With a fine selection of bands covering the whole spectrum of blackened metal, it promised to be a good day.. Read all!

Report: Blind Guardian and Cirrha Niva

It has been over twenty years since “Imaginations on the Other Side” has been released. That’s why Blind Guardian is making a tour devoted to this album. During a two hour show, the entire album was played. Right from the beginning, people were enthusiastic and the atmosphere livid.. Read our report here!

Metal-Exposure: Album Year lists 2016

Ever wondered which albums were played the most by the Metal-Exposure crew over the past year? A couple of us decided to make a list and you can check them out here!