Ragnard Rock Festival 2016

Every now and then, friends of metal-exposure bump into something that gives them a feeling they just háve to write about it, and so every now and then you’ll find an article More »


Prophecy Fest 2016

Report by Tabitha and Wouter – Pictures by Wouter Balver Höhle, Germany After a successful one-day festival in the Balver Cave in Germany, label Prophecy decided to extend the festival to last More »

Dong Open Air 2016 219

Dong Open Air 2016

July 14th-16th 2016 Dong Mountain, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany Report by: Wouter(W), Ingrid(I) & Tabitha(T) Pictures by: Wouter & Ingrid This year was a special Dong for us – it was Metal-Exposure reporter Ingrid’s More »


Dokk’em Open Air 2016

Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands June 24 & 25 2016 Review by: Wouter (W), Ingrid (I) & Laetitia (L) Pictures by: Wouter & Ingrid Dokk’em Open Air – my favorite and only true (as More »

Report: Beyond the Gates 2016

Beyond The Gates has pretty much everything I look for in a festival, and so, once more I found myself changing aircrafts (Damn you, Finnair!) that were late, on my way to the wet and rain-filled soil of Bergen, second largest city in Norway and a personal favourite.. Read all!

Midgardsblot 2016

If you’ve read the 2015 report, you’ll know what Midgardsblot is about; if you haven’t, here’s a short recap: A pagan/black/folk metal festival in Norway, located at ancient Viking (grave) mounds and partially inside of a reconstructed long hall, which not only offers musical shows, but also tours, lectures, a tattoo con, storytelling and games. Sounds interesting? We thought so, and apparently lots of other people from all over the world thought so too, because this year there was a significant increase in ticket sales (maybe due to our report as well, who knows?).. Read all!

Interview: Epica ventures into different realities

Picture by Tim Tronckoe

This month, the new record The Holographic Principle of the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica will hit the stores. During the press day of the band in Amsterdam, we sat down with vocalist and guitarist Mark Jansen and Simone Simons to talk about recording the album, different realities and the band’s journey into science.. Read all!

Sons of Balaur track premiere ‘Succubus Slut’

The notorious Oslo-based black metal outfit Sons of Balaur are ready to unleash a new track upon mankind, from their upcoming record ‘Tenebris Deos‘ (out 14th of October on Season of Mist).

Sons of Balaur track premiere

Let your ears be tortured by ‘Succubus Slut‘ below! You can pre-order the album here!

How to: Survive your post festival depression..

A Metal-Exposure Guide to surviving your post festival depression!

As the festival seasons draws to an end – it´s time to face the dreaded aftermath of a summer full of drinking, head banging and shouting “SLAYER!!” more or less randomly.

So if you´ve been hit by those post-festival blues, like us, what can you do to keep functioning normally and not break down every time you look at the festival bands around your wrist? You could try turning off your fridge and sleeping on the floor – it will keep the festival feeling going for at least another week! Though I wouldn´t recommend keeping up the 24 hour beer drinking – society tends to frown on that. Read all our tips..