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Sabaton, Alestorm and Bloodboud

013 Tilburg 11th of March 2016 By: Michael Some bands are easily suited for their own headliner shows and it’s quite a treat when those bands decide to perform together. Tonight we More »


“The secret of Enslaved is moronically easy.”

Reflecting on 25 years of Enslaved with Ivar Bjørnson. By Laetitia This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of Norway’s leading extreme metal bands Enslaved. Metal-Exposure talked with founder and guitarist More »


Behemoth, Abbath + support

06-02-2016 Tivoli Utrecht, Netherlands Four flags and four undead riders bringing death and black destruction to a town near you! With a line-up of Inquisition, Entombed A.D., Abbath and Behemoth not going More »


Obscura: “All those religions are worth nothing more than a bottle of Coca Cola”

By Laetitia As reviewers have been raving about the new Obscura album Akróasis, it was a good moment for Metal-Exposure to have a chat with mastermind Steffen Kummerer. Beneath the abstract layers More »

Show report: Kamelot and Serenity

For the sixteenth time, a Dutch Kamelot show has been sold out. Tonight the heavy metallers bring along Serenity and Aeverium. The latter is the replacement for Nemesea, of which the singer was not fit enough to perform.
Read the report here

Interview: Serenity

Not too long ago, Kamelot was back in The Netherlands and they brought Serenity as their supporting act. This gave us the chance to ask a few questions to Chris Hermsdörfer of the band. After Kamelot’s performance, we sat down.. Read the interview now!

Report: Marduk, Immolation, Origin and Bio-cancer

Hot weather and extreme metal either works like a charm on a festival (read: cooling beverages and good music) or it can be a curse in a small packed venue. Even though tonight’s concert leaned more towards the second option, we challenged the scorching heat to attend Marduk’s fourth Frontschwein European assault in Essen (DE), with Immolation, Origin and Bio-cancer as their recruits.. Read all!

Showreport Delain with support The Charm the Fury

After an intensive tour through the United States of America, Delain is back in the Netherlands. And what better way is there to celebrate that, than with a show in a venue which is like home to some of the bandmembers, the Tivoli in Utrecht. Read all!

Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow & Heidevolk in Amsterdam

On a very sunny Sunday afternoon, we, and a few hundred other metal fans, gathered in front of the Melkweg in Amsterdam for a Finnish Folk Metal Mafia Show with Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow, and for this show our Dutch support: Heidevolk. It was one of the first shows of this tour and although it wasn’t sold out, the venue was quite packed. Read the entire report here!