Avatar: “The clown is just as real as the person who is sitting in front of you”

By Laetitia Swedish melodic death metal formation Avatar released its fifth studio album, Hail The Apocalypse earlier this year. Metal-Exposure caught up with vocalist Johannes Eckerström about darkness, art, the clown make-up, More »


A day in the studio with Heidevolk

18-11-14 Split Second Sound Studio, Amsterdam (NL) Report by Laetitia and Ingrid Dutch folk metal formation Heidevolk is currently recording their fifth full-length in the studio and the band gave Metal-Exposure the More »


Equilibrium: “There is a lot of new, positive energy in the band”

04 – 10- 2014 – By Laetitia and Ingrid German folk metal band Equilibrium recently started out on its first headliner tour through Europe, in support of its latest album Erdentempel. Metal-Exposure More »


Report: A Day with Purest of Pain

Wacken Open Air (Germany) 30-07-2014 By Laetitia en Ingrid Chances are that you’ve heard of the Wacken Metal Battle (MB) and that you are aware of the band representing your country. The More »

Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful special

On Thursday, february 12th 2015, Nightwish was visiting Amsterdam to promote their upcoming album ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’. Metal-exposure paid them a visit in the hotel they were staying to have a chat with Marco(see below) and of course to listen to Endless Forms Most Beautiful.
Read it all

Report: Cryptopsy, Bodyfarm, Bleeding Gods, Bloodgod

Sunday, the day of rest, spending some time with the family, enjoying a hangover.. or going to a brutal death metal show! When the venue Baroeg in Rotterdam announced that the Canadian brutal death metal band Cryptopsy would play on Sunday, the 15th of February, we knew what option we’d go for! Read all!

Karmaflow – The Rock Opera

18-1-15 – Karmaflow is an ambitious project of a few (former, they graduated) students from the University of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It consists of a couple of branches. First off, there is Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame. This is a story based game in which the player can enjoy the story through music and songs. The reason this project caught my attention, is that some of my favourite musicians participate in it.. Read all!

Interview with Abinchova

28-12-2014 – The fine folks of Switzerland’s Abinchova released their second full-length album “Wegweiser” this past July. Sam sat down with Arnaud (vocals) and Patricia (keyboard) in the folk metal band’s home town of Lucerne the day after their performance at the 2014 Eluveitie & Friends Festival.. Read all!

Report: Avatar, The Defiled and Eldrimner

Ever since the release of their fifth studio album, the Swedish melodic metallers from Avatar have been touring. This winter, the band started touring Europe with Eldrimner and The Defiled. Metal-Exposure visited the show in Amsterdam and did an interview with vocalist Johannes Eckerström, which you can read here.. Read the report!