Tarja + Support

Hengelo (OV) – The Netherlands 22 October 2016 In the eastern part of our small country, in the town named Hengelo, a singer was scheduled to perform who is most known from More »


Ragnard Rock Festival 2016

Every now and then, friends of metal-exposure bump into something that gives them a feeling they just háve to write about it, and so every now and then you’ll find an article More »


Prophecy Fest 2016

Report by Tabitha and Wouter – Pictures by Wouter Balver Höhle, Germany After a successful one-day festival in the Balver Cave in Germany, label Prophecy decided to extend the festival to last More »

Interview with Wardruna: on new beginnings and foregone eras

The release of Wardruna’s “Runaljod – Ragnarok,” marks the conclusion of the Runaljod trilogy that first launched this epic Norwegian band. It does not signify the end of the band, however. Metal-Exposure had the opportunity to talk to mastermind Einar Selvik before the start of the European tour in November.. Read all!

Report: Kampfar, Vreid

It’s a Wednesday night after work. You have the choice of going home and trying to relax with a beer, or.. emptying your head with some sinister black metal tunes from the north! For a couple of us, the decision was easy, so we headed down to Eindhoven to catch the Profane Solstice of the North tour with Dreamarcher, Vreid and Norway’s most favorite black metal champions: KampfarRead all!

Tarja + Support in Hengelo

In the eastern part of our small country, in the town named Hengelo, a singer was scheduled to perform who is most known from her role in a major band. Maybe this was the reason why this was advertised as Tarja (Nightwish).

There were already people lining up before the doors were open and as to Tarja’s wish, everybody was allowed to take photographs during the show. At first I thought the only support was Serenity, so you can imagine my surprise as another band entered the stage at first.
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Show report: Sonata Arctica and Twilight Force

As you could have read on our site recently, there has been a lot going on in the Finnish Sonata Arctica camp. They just released their ninth studio album named The Ninth Hour and are doing a big European tour for this. You can read more about this in our interview with lead singer Tony (here) and the cd review, found here.

Read the full report here!

Report: Epic Metal Fest 2016

After the overwhelming success of the first edition of Epic Metal Fest in 2015, Dutch symphonic metal band Epica decided to make it into an annual festival. And what better occasion than the release of their latest album, The Holographic Principle, for a party?..

In contrary to last year’s edition, this time Epic Metal Fest was held at the 013 venue in Tilburg. It’s much smaller than the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, so it was to be seen how tight everything would be. And crowded it was!..Read all!